Senate Republicans Set To Short-Sheet Schumer's Infrastructure Vote

Senate Republicans are about to thwart Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) bid to begin Senate debate on Wednesday on Joe Biden’s still-unfinished infrastructure plan, while signaling that they’ll instead be ready to move forward next week, according to Bloomberg.

Schumer’s decision to force an early test vote Wednesday afternoon spurred a faster pace in protracted talks for a $579 billion infrastructure plan, but not the completed deal GOP senators are demanding as a prerequisite to begin debate.

“Today we are not going to be able to support moving forward,” said lead GOP negotiator Rob Portman (OH) in a Wednesday morning statement to CNBC. “We will be able to on Monday and I hope that is what the majority leader decides to do, put this vote off until Monday.”

Schumer, meanwhile, says the bipartisan group “is close to finishing

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