September 9th COVID-19: Some Progress

by Calculated Risk on 9/09/2021 03:34:00 PM

The CDC is the source for all data.
According to the CDC, on Vaccinations.  Total doses administered: 377,622,065, as of a week ago 372,116,617. Average doses last week: 0.79 million per day. 
COVID Metrics  TodayWeek
AgoGoal Percent fully Vaccinated53.4%52.7%≥70.0%1 Fully Vaccinated (millions)177.4175.0≥2321 New Cases per Day3136,558156,340≤5,0002 Hospitalized392,64692,696≤3,0002 Deaths per Day31,0761,214≤502 1 Minimum to achieve “herd immunity” (estimated between 70% and 85%).
2my goals to stop daily posts,
37 day average for Cases, Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths
🚩 Increasing 7 day average week-over-week for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
✅ Goal met.
IMPORTANT: For “herd immunity” most experts believe we need 70% to 85% of the total population fully vaccinated (or already had COVID).  
KUDOS to the residents of the 11 states that have achieved 60% of total population fully vaccinated: Vermont at 68.4%, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland. New Jersey, Washington, New York, New Mexico, New

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