Watch Live: Apple Unevils New Bright Shiny Things

Watch Apple’s big unveiling live here (due to start at 1300ET):

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As’s Bill Blain detailed earlier, highlight event today is Apple launching new bright-shiny-things. Apple is unique – it has a monopoly of being Apple! For how long?

Back in the real world…. Apple is the Apple

US inflation data aside, the most eagerly anticipated event later today is new-bright-shiny-thing announcement time when the most valuable company on the planet launches its latest batch of opioid tech.

Yay! Time for the new iPhone (which might or might not be called the 12s, or the 13), plus the launch of a new model iWatch, and Airpods version whatever. New Mac-Book pros are also on the way. And whatever wonderful bright-shiny-things Apple unveils – we know it will be bought by the container-ship full. (Global Supply Chains

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