FDA Hints J&J Booster Jab May Be Beneficial, But Remains Mum On Approval Odds

With just one day left before the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee meets in person to discuss booster-jab submissions from Moderna and J&J, the FDA has just shunned Moderna once again by suggesting that the agency might approve the J&J booster jab, one day after it suggested that Moderna’s jab is still “too effective” to justify recommending a third jab.

However, the agency’s scientists also lamented the paucity of data submitted by J&J, and questioned the strength of the evidence submitted.

The panel’s decision on Friday could have significant influence on whether the 15 million Americans who have received the one-dose vaccine will be allowed to get a second shot, or if they will instead be urged to get a different brand of vaccine for added protection.

Pfizer’s jab has already been granted emergency approval for boosters in patients

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