Boondoggle Democracy For The Elites

Authored by MN Gordon via,

President Joe Biden puffed out his chest.  He grinned from ear to ear.  He’d finally accomplished something as President.  The passing of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure boondoggle.

Upon signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on the White House lawn this week Biden declared:

“That’s how our system works.  That’s American democracy.  And I am signing a law that is truly consequential, because we made our democracy deliver for the people.”

No doubt, American democracy is a giant scam.  It has been for a long time.  In fact, democratic mob rule supplanted the limited government of a republic with the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913.  This amendment established direct election of Senators by popular vote.

In short, the Seventeenth Amendment allows the Senate to buy votes from their constituents in exchange for delivering

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