Beijing Furious After Biden Invites Taiwan To Global Democracy Summit, While China Left Off List

It was previously reported that the US intentionally kept China and Russia off the list of invitees for the Biden administration-sponsored “Summit for Democracy” set to be held next month in virtual format. The first ever US-sponsored event of its kind has a goal of restoring democracy and promoting human rights across the globe, based on Biden’s foreign policy agenda, and the US has invited at total of 110 countries to participate. 

China on Wednesday is seething, issuing a scathing statement, after it’s been revealed the White House has invited Taiwan instead of China to the world gathering which runs from Dec.9 through Dec.10.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson told a press conference in Beijing that it’s “firmly opposed” to the “mistake” of the US inviting Taiwan, given Taiwan remains “inalienable part of Chinese territory,” according to the statement.

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