Putin Says He Feels “Fine” After Taking Dose Of Experimental Russian Nasal Vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’s feeling “fine” after taking an experimental nasal COVID jab earlier this week while also receiving a booster dose of the experimental “Sputnik V” jab as well.

According to Bloomberg, Putin said late last week that the nasal version of the jab is still in trials and hasn’t been approved by regulators in Russia. But in a televised appearance announcing he’d taken the injected booster, Putin said he would also volunteer to participate in the testing of the nasal vaccine as well.

Denis Logunov, deputy director of the Gamaleya National Research Center, which was responsible for developing Sputnik, said that taking the two vaccines together would help better protect Putin against infection in the upper respiratory tract.

The long-serving Russian president, 69, said Logunov gave him the nasal version Monday. Putin told a

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