Links 11/30/2021

Roving sea lion wanders through streets of Lincoln City, refuses fish, returns to ocean The Oregonian

How to Read a Jellyfish’s Mind (press release) CalTech

The Science of Mind Reading The New Yorker

Private equity fees: where are the customers’ jets? FT. Gensler’s recent speech: “I’ve asked staff how we can better mitigate the effects of conflicts of interest between general partners, their affiliates, and investors. This could include considering the need for prohibitions on certain conflicts and practices.”

The Rising Tide of Semiconductor Cost Fabrioated Knowledge


U.S. CDC says all adults should get COVID-19 booster shots Reuters

FDA review finds Merck’s COVID-19 pill effective, but flags safety concerns LA Times

Resetting international systems for pandemic preparedness and response BMJ. WHO’s Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. Maybe clean their own side of the street:

Maybe start by announcing clearly and unambiguously that Omicron,

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