Vaccine Politics Not Working to Biden Administration Advantage

After repeatedly claiming that a Biden Administration would “follow the science” on Covid, it now appears to be hoist on its petard of instead relying on least effort approaches combined with better propaganda, aka placing all its bets on vaccines.

These headlines illustrate the problem. The first is the lead in the Wall Street Journal; the second is from the Financial Times:

It’s hard to know where to begin. First, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly, the officialdom has grossly oversold the vaccines, treating them as if they prevent contagion, as opposed to hospitalization and death. Mind you, the latter is important not just on an individual but also a societal level, to keep hospitals from imploding. But after the CDC denying the possibility of breakthrough cases and refusing to track them after its May “Mission Accomplished,” we’re now at the point where the press is writing about breakthrough

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