Rabobank: Don't Dilly Dalio On The Way

By Michael Every of Rabobank

And don’t dilly Dalio on the way

My old man, said be a [insert team name] fan; and I said, ‘I disagree, you’re a nasty person, and not in a relationship’” is the safe-for-work version of the classic British football-terrace song. The tune is of an original 1919 music hall number ‘And don’t dilly dally on the way’, which is about (“abaaat”) the hardships of working-class life. Indeed, the easier-to-understand-for-foreigners version, not the one my grandad sang to me, goes like this:

My old man said “Foller the van; and don’t dilly dally on the way”.

Off went the van wiv me ‘ome packed in it; I walked behind wiv me old cock linnet.

But I dillied and dallied, dallied and I dillied; Lost me way and don’t know where to roam.

Who’ll put you up when you’ve lost your bedstead; And you can’t find your way ‘ome?

This song came to

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