N95 Mask Prices Skyrocket As CDC Mulls New Recommendation For Omicron

N95 masks are skyrocketing in price as a result of a new potential recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The CDC is considering changing its official recommendation to higher quality masks, like N95 and KN95 masks.

As a result, prices of these masks have surged at marketplaces like Amazon.com, a new Bloomberg report revealed on Wednesday.

A pack of 40 KN95 masks is now about $79.99, up from $16.99 in late November.  A 50-pack of Kimberly-Clark N95 masks was priced at $57 compared to $23 in October. 

As Omicron tears through the United States, many people are abandoning their old cloth masks in favor of higher quality masks. Kid-sized masks are the most in-demand, the piece notes, since many schools have continued holding in-person classes throughout the winter. 

Bloomberg profiled one retail worker who spent $72 on

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