Links 1/14/2022

Winter Is for Regeneration. The Garden’s — and Yours, Too The Tyee

Controlled Prices Phenomenal World


Single-celled marine organism first to be found releasing oxygen in the dark Chemistry World. “The researchers are now studying whether or not other ammonia-oxidising archaea can also perform the same trick to grow under continuously anoxic conditions. If so, it could transform the archaea were in any of the models….

Five common denominators on tragedy fires Wildfire Today


New Virus Cases Begin to Slow in U.S. Cities Where Omicron Hit First NYT. The article is more measured than the sunnily optimistic (editor-written) headline.

COVID-Hospitalization Numbers Are as Bad as They Look Ed Yong, The Atlantic and Calling Omicron ‘Mild’ Is Wishful Thinking Katherine Wu, The Atlantic. “At the core of the problem sits the word mild itself, a slippery and pernicious term that ‘doesn’t mean what people think it means.’” It’s ideal!

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