Is Geneva 2022 Munich 1938 Without Chamberlain’s Piece Of Paper? How To Read the US Paper to Russia For Peace For Our Time

Yves here. Helmer does the useful service of providing direct quotations from Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on how the US needs to do what it has pointedly failed to do so far in its negotiations over the festering crisis over Ukraine; provide written responses to the Russia formal position. Given America’s history of being “not agreement capable” and in particular reneging on verbal commitments to not move NATO into former Warsaw Pact countries, getting the US to make a simple and clear statement of what if anything it proposes to do would seem to be a reasonable basic step.

By John Helmer, the longest continuously serving foreign correspondent in Russia, and the only western journalist to direct his own bureau independent of single national or commercial ties. Helmer has also been a professor of political science, and an advisor to government heads in Greece, the United States, and Asia.

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