Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites Believed Part Of Russian “Sabotage Operations”

Things have again escalated in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine-NATO standoff, with Kiev authorities and The Washington Post reporting Friday that hackers have launched a massive cyber-attack on Ukrainian government websites. Anyone logging into the sites were given a warning with the words “expect the worst”

Authorities identified “more than five” government sites targeted in the hack by unknown entities. But later a formal statement by deputy head of Ukraine’s state agency of special communication and information protection, Viktor Zhora, described that in total “close to 70” federal and local Ukrainian agencies saw their websites breached in recent weeks.

Despite an ongoing investigation to uncover the identity of the hackers, naturally WaPo and national security pundits have quickly pointed the finger at Russia.

Via Reuters

“Just hours before the attacks, Dmitri Alperovitch, an expert on cybersecurity and co-founder of CrowdStrike, a leading firm

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