Dr. Oz Slams “Petty Tyrant” Fauci, Challenges Him To Debate On COVID

Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz – who is running for one of Pennsylvania’s US Senate seats as a Republican – slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday and challenged the NIH chief to a debate while blasting him as a “petty tyrant” who had mishandled the response to the COVID pandemic.

Sen. Rand Paul – who, like Dr. Oz and Dr. Fauci, is himself also a doctor – would likely be proud of his Dr. Oz, since the TV doctor who is running for the Senate in his first stab at a political career also happens to be a Republican. Dr. Oz also represents a “qualified” voice, making his criticism of Fauci seem more credible.

Oz slammed Dr. Fauci in a clip posted to twitter: “It’s past time Fauci faces the fact that he got COVID wrong. So,

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