What You Need To Know about Solomon Islands

Yves here. I have to confess to following the Solomon Islands row on only a cursory basis. It does seem that Scotty in Marketing blew it. However, it may also be that the Solomon Islands has finally had the opportunity to do what smaller countries find in their interest to do: play the big powers off against each other.

By Rashmee Roshan Lall, who writes on international affairs. She has lived and worked in eight countries in the past decade, including Afghanistan, Haiti and Tunisia, has a PhD, blogs at www.rashmee.com and is on Twitter @rashmeerl. Originally published at openDemocracy

A new world order is coming into being in Oceania, it seems, with Solomon Islands as the epicentre of geopolitical competition between China and the US.

This nation of almost 1,000 islands (of which only 147 are inhabited) and 650,000 people, in the South Pacific, hasn’t exactly

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