Crash Watch

Authored by Steven Vanelli via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog,

The template of 1929 and 1987 is coming into focus in recent trading days.

Let’s start with the 1929 crash. The Dow Jones Industrial Average began the week of October 5 with a slight gain, and then the rest of the week (October 6-9) were all down days as well. This first week down brought stocks to new intermediate lows that had held for several months. The next week, the DJIA opened up down on Monday, October 12 and traded down each day of the week. Then, bang, on October 19, 1929 we experienced a 20% waterfall decline, which carried into Tuesday. The whole 11-day episode erased 28.94% from the DJIA.

Turning to 1987, we can see some similar patterns. The week of October 14 began with a slight

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