Gen Z Homebuyers Flock To These Inexpensive Metro Areas 

A new study by Lending Tree found Generation Z (ages 18 to 24) are purchasing homes in America’s least expensive “flyover” cities while barely entertaining homeownership in pricey coastal cities. 

The study analyzed new mortgages across the country’s 50 top largest metros in 2021. Salt Lake City topped the list for Gen Z homebuyers, with 16.60% of mortgages. The second was Louisville, Kentucky, with 15.86% of mortgages, and Oklahoma City was third, with 15.34% of mortgages. These areas are relatively inexpensive in terms of homeownership and cost of living. 

Metro areas with the lowest Gen Z homebuyers were San Francisco, New York, and San Jose. Homes in these areas are pricey, and the cost of living is expensive.

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