Midland, Texas Residents Suffer From Scorching 10% Inflation

Midland, Texas is just one of the many American cities that is struggling to keep pace with scorching inflation in the country.

The city, whose economy relies on oil, was called the “number 1 spot for inflation” by a new Bloomberg profile of its residents, who shared stories of how the rising cost of living was negatively affecting everyday life. 

Inflation in Midland has been at about 10% for the last 6 months, the article notes, resulting in “menus at local restaurants [with] sticky notes telling diners that prices have been raised” and a gallon of gas reportedly costing about $6.

Additionally, “hundreds of cars” line up outside the area’s largest food bank every Wednesday. The West Texas Food Bank in Odessa has seen a line of cars growing longer every week, with numbers rivaling that of what they were doing peak Covid crisis in 2020. 

Jesus and Nativia Zepda, who have waited in the line,

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