As the Planet Warms, Let’s Be Clear: We Are Sacrificing Lives for Profits

Yves here. The headline is just a roundabout statement of one of Lambert’s rules of neoliberalism: “Die faster!” Lives are just cannon fodder for markets. Even the classic The Great Transformation says that unfettered markets eat up societies, as in people, until politicians (sometimes) throw sand in the gears.

But even though what author Sonali Kolhatkar argues is generally correct, she and other climate change advocates have difficulty coming to grip with the full on societal commitment to radical restructuring of provisioning, work relations, and daily activities that has to take place. Even before getting to how to get from A to B, most people are so overwhelmed with what it takes to survive that they have no surplus time or energy to invest in helping forge a new consensus, let along upending their lives. In particular, low income people are teetering on the brink of disaster. For instance, one

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