By Lambert Strether of Corrente

Bird Song of the Day

Lincoln’s Sparrow, and how we need one (hat tip, drumlin woodchuckles). This is Sparrow week at Naked Capitalism. Ontario, Canada. If you’ve spotted any sparrow species, let me know!

“Sparrow ID Guides from Macaulay Library and Bird Academy” [The Cornell Lab of Ornithology]. Free downloads. “Sparrows are a challenge to birders of all skill levels because they’re often skulky and hard to see. At first they seem like dull brown birds, but when you get a good look, they show beautiful and intricate patterns on their feathers. Because many species are hard to see, they are sought after by avid listers and those who appreciate the beauty of birds. Whether you’re at home or out in the field, these helpful four-sheet sparrow reference guides have full-color photos of eastern, central, western and widespread sparrows.”

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