1935 was the year my mother was born, and it was also when the Cadillac 355-D was made. Each was unique.

The American luxury car maker stunned the market with the introduction of new 12- and 16-cylinder models in the early 1930s. But it was the V8 cars that were the mainstay for Cadillac across America. The 355D was a new design, more streamlined than the prior 355C. It came as a 2- or 4- door convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Towncar, and Limousine. Large, swoopy front fenders and the pontoon shapes at the rear, it held a more presence on the road.

Its 353ci L-head V8 paired with a three-speed manual transmission produced 135 horsepower, an increase in power over the prior years. It was made in multiple variants:

Unfortunately for Cadillac, there was not much demand for a large expensive luxury car in the midst of the Great Depression. Not many

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