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Patient readers, I have a household emergency. Please play the birdsong or talk amongst yourselves for ten minutes while I finish up. –lambert UPDATE Finished. Sorry about that.

Reader query: For those of you who have wood stoves, is it to late to buy seasoned wood by the cord, and if not, when is it too late? Thank you! –lambert NOTE I abolished my much-loved wood stove and much-hated oil burner in favor of natural gas some years ago; I don’t think it was a mistake, but perhaps it’s not going to net out as well as I thought over time.

Bird Song of the Day

Dead Sea Sparrow. Şanlıurfa, Türkiye. Habitat: Creek, Thicket/Brush, Scrub. Lots going on.

“Sparrow ID Guides from Macaulay Library and Bird Academy” [The Cornell Lab of Ornithology]. Free downloads. “Sparrows are a challenge to birders of all skill levels because

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