Tesla Cars Banned From Chinese Town For Two Months Over Spying Fears 

Chinese officials are set to temporarily ban all Tesla vehicles from entering a coastal resort town over fears of spying ahead of what could be a super-secretive government meeting.

Reuters reports a police official confirmed Teslas entering Beidaihe, a coastal resort town on northeast China’s Bohai Sea, about three hours from Beijing, will be banned on July 1 from entering the city for two months. The decision comes one month after Teslas were restricted from driving in the central city of Chengdu ahead of a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping last month. 

The Beidaihe Traffic Police Brigade official provided no details on why the American vehicles would be banned but said it concerned “national affairs.” The resort town has traditionally been where top Chinese leadership gathers to discuss policy ideas. 

One reason Chinese officials might be concerned

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