Fast and Furious Omicron New Variants Defy Explanation, and Don’t Bode Well for Future Either

As readers may have worked out, scientist GM, whose observations via e-mail and in comments we have often hoisted into posts, is on the pessimistic end of the spectrum of Covid prognosticators and yet (or maybe due to that) has been early and very accurate. For instance, he was one of the first to notice the data from Israel in July 2021 showing a marked falloff in Pfizer vaccine protection 5-6 months after the jab. GM was also immediately on top of Omicron, that its many mutations on the spike would mean close to total evasion of prior protection (whether via vaccination or prior infection) and therefore potentially rapid spread.

Thus it isn’t at all good when developments surprise GM on the downside. As we’ll soon discuss, the speed of emergence of Omicron variants has surprised him in a bad way. Mind you, many of them are different enough that

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