Ray Dalio Warns “Reducing Inflation Will Come At A Great Cost”

Authored by Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio (via LinkedIn),

For me, hearing supposed “experts” talk about what’s now happening in the markets and economy is like listening to nails scratch against a chalkboard because they are typically saying incorrect things in an erudite rather than commonsense way.

Markets and economic movements are driven by much simpler and more commonsense linkages than most people articulate. I tried to describe the most important of these in my 30-minute animated video “How the Economic Machine Works” and I tried to lay out for you how I saw the paradigm shifting over the last 18 months in “The Changing World Order: The New Paradigm,” which have more of the specifics than I will cover here.

Here, I just want to talk about fighting inflation and what’s happening pertaining to it.

More specifically, I now

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