Fed's Controlled Demolition To Leave Workers With Less Bargaining Power

Last Wednesday the Federal Reserve admitted that unemployment will likely rise over the next two years due to the stepped-up pace of interest-rate hikes designed to tame soaring prices. The expected result? Employees will be left in a worse-off bargaining position as the number of open positions evaporates – along with copious benefits being showered upon workers amid the ongoing (but soon to change) shortage, Bloomberg reports.

Last week Fed Chair Jerome Powell said there’s a “real imbalance” in wage bargaining in favor of employees due to the high level of job vacancies – a dynamic that’s about to change, perhaps quickly.

The tightening will put employee compensation – and perks – to the test.

Wages aren’t the only thing workers are bargaining for. After decades in which they held almost all the cards, employers are having to

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