Watch: Over 1,300 Southwest Pilots Picket Outside Love Field

Over 1,300 pissed off Southwest Airlines pilots picketed outside of Dallas Love Field on Tuesday, demanding better treatment from the airline for both passengers and employees.

The protest, led by the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association – the union representing the pilots – called the demonstration an “informal picket” to raise awareness over pilot fatigue, stress, the pilot shortage and other issues that have caused chaos across the country, according to NBCDFW.

The pilots are lining the entrance to Love Field. They will be in place until noon holding signs in silence.

— Shannon Murray (@ShannonMFox4) June 21, 2022

Our pilots have had to address the fatigue issue with management publicly, which is something that we never want to do, but ultimately, our pilots have been tired and have been trying to do everything they can,” said Capt. Casey

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