Yves here. Even though our alert readers have taken note of Lithuania’s blockade of Kaliningrad, which is part of Russia, the Western press has largely ignored it, despite the move having generated a great deal of anger in Russia. Yes, it’s not a full blockade; Lithuania says it’s only barring shipments (first by rail but now also by truck) of goods included in the EU’s fifth sanctions package. Those amount to about half the transit amounts and are allegedly skewed towards building materials. However, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova indicated that food shipments are being turned back too. If so, I haven’t seen any mention in the Western press.

In addition, one has to wonder if all transiting items will be inspected, meaning an important aim is also to impede the movement of everything going between Russia and Russia, um Russia and Kaliningrad.

Note Russian and Kaliningrad officials

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