Yves here. Biomass sounds like a scam and this article intimates that it may be one, particularly since the subsidies are ginormous. Readers?

And if you are in California, I’d demand a lot of disclosure. The process so far sounds awfully sketchy.

By Phoebe Cooke, Senior Reporter at DeSmogBlog, whose work has also appeared in The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Sun Online, Deutsche Welle, The Local and Prospect Magazine. Originally published at DesmogBlog

Biomass silos at Drax power station in Selby, North Yorkshire. Credit: Alan Murray-Rust(CC BY-SA 2.0)

British biomass giant Drax is lobbying the Californian government to play host to its first ever “carbon negative” power plant outside of the UK, despite concerns about the sustainability of the energy source.

Drax has long-standing plans to launch the world’s largest bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) plant in North Yorkshire, but the former coal-fired power generator

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