Yves here. This post points out that small-scale farmers produce more of the world’s food than big ag, and on less acreage. Global warming plus short-sighted, profit-driven practices have a lot to do with the mess we are in now. And this article does not touch on other misuses. For instance, we’ve pointed out since the inception of this site that the resource that will become scarce first is potable water. Yet arid California grows water-hungry rice, and worse, almonds (it takes over a gallon of water to produce one almond).

By Adele Walton. Originally published at openDemocracy

“Most farmers can no longer produce adequate food for their families,” says Vladimir Chilinya. “Profit-making entities control our food systems… including the production and distribution of seed.”

Chilinya is a Zambian coordinator for FIAN International, an organisation that campaigns for the democratisation of food and nutrition.


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