The New York Times has just published an important new article that shows that McKinsey’s conduct in the opioids crisis was even more deadly than widely realized, by virtue of the giant consulting firm advising opioids merchants beyond just the notorious Purdue Pharma. And as with Purdue, McKinsey strategies to navigate around regulations and boost sales generated more fatalities.

McKinsey Guided Companies at the Center of the Opioid Crisis, by Chris Hamby and Michael Forsythe, draws on over 100,000 McKinsey documents provided as part of its nearly $600 million settlement with state attorneys general.

Let’s turn to an early 2021 post for background:

My most cold-blooded interlocutors, the sort that react to news of corporate misdeeds with a “Gambling in Casablanca?” shrug, are seething over the fact that no one at McKinsey was indicted over its role in stoking opioid sales in the US, nor was the firm charged

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