Yves here. While this warning about the health costs of air pollution are important, I wish they had provided some advice. Even if the point is to spur collective action, it will take some time for any meaningful concrete action to occur.

For the curious, you can see which world cities rate well and poorly on air quality here.

By Sandra Aguilar-Gomez, Assistant Professor of Economics, Universidad de Los Andes; Visiting Scholar, University of California, San Diego; Holt Dwyer, Graduate student, University of California, San Diego; Joshua Graff Zivin, Professor of Economics, UC San Diego; and Matthew Neidell, Economics Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Columbia University. Originally published at VoxEU

A significant body of evidence has established the effects of air pollution on diagnosable health outcomes, ranging from breathing problems and low birth weights to hospitalisations and deaths. But the burden of disease is not the only

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