War journalist Jake Hanrahan, the founder of independent media platform “Popular Front,” tweeted a video that shows a gun hobbyist firing plastic ammunition from a “100% 3D-printed gun.” 

Hanrahan said gun hobbyist @SuckBoyTony1, who designs and builds 3D-printed firearms that are electronically ignited, created a “working 100% 3D-printed gun.” He continued: “The barrel and even the ammunition is plastic.”

3D-printed gun hobbyist @SuckBoyTony1 has made a working 100% 3D-printed gun. The barrel and even the ammunition is plastic. Whilst this obviously isn’t a practical weapon, the potential implications of the concept are fascinating. pic.twitter.com/EbR8njUVNx

— Jake Hanrahan (@Jake_Hanrahan) August 4, 2022

Some of our questions about the homemade firearm’s plastic barrel and ammunition were answered by one Twitter commenter:

“The barrel actually is rifled…and so is the round. He based it off the whitworth rifle. IIRC the bullet is a metal projectile but the whole cartridge leaves the barrel effectively making it caseless ammunition.” 

SuckBoyTony1 responded to another commenter

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