Yves here. MbS is not being very nice to Biden! No more Saudi supply at US beck and call!

Flip intro aside, this post contains historical detail about Anglo/America oil colonialism which may be new to many readers. But it’s a bit much to depict Kissinger as having originated balance of power politics. Kissinger wrote his thesis on Metternich, who is depicted as a modern-era practitioner, as was Metternich’s contemporary Talleyrand. And they were hardly the first to attempt to pit tribes, and later kingdoms, against each other.

The mention of Kissinger also weirdly skips over the fact that prior to his ascension to power, the US has played the role of neutral-seeming power broker in the Middle East. The US has sold arms to Israel in the 1960s, but did not provide grant military assistance until after the Yom Kippur War.

Finally, this piece includes a simple-mined “Anglo/American

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