Yves here. UK outlets predict Liz Truss will be chosen as Prime Minister on Monday. Note that her elevation will be by the same wildly undemocratic mechanism that led to Boris Johnson being first chosen as Prime Minister, that of a vote by Conservative Party members. At the time of the Johnson contest, their ranks swelled to ~200,000. Admittedly, Johnson soon legitimated his position in a general election win. Will we see that with Truss?

The Tories have long been the party of mean, and that looks to be set to be even more true under Truss. So what does that make Labour? The party of lame?

By Adam Bychawski, a reporter at openDemocracy. He tweets @adambychawski. Originally published at openDemocracy

The secretive think tanks behind more than a dozen of Liz Truss’s campaign pledges have proposed cost of living solutions including scrapping childcare regulations, abandoning net zero, allowing AI

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