Yves here. This piece gives a wide ranging, historically based description of how free market ideology supported colonialist exploitation and often expropriation under the banner of trade.

By Jag Bhalla, an entrepreneur and writer. His current project is Errors We Live By, a series of short exoteric essays exposing errors in the big ideas running our lives. Follow him: @hangingnoodles. Originally published at Evonomics

What role should greed play in how we run the world? Should it rule us and shape all that we do?

I’d argue that we live under “greedocracy” disguised as a form of liberalism. Gussied-up as the only rational way, greed has become the guilt-free guiding star of global elites. But the grand narrative usually used to justify this world-shaping greed-is-good creed vigorously ignores salient history, and disingenuously suppresses data on greed’s present-day harms. This essay will walk you through why the “liberal world order’s” free

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