Every year, Credit Suisse puts out an in-depth look at wealth around the world (I often pull a chart or two for the reads). The data always has some interesting findings about how the very wealthy are investing, consuming, and otherwise spending their time and money. I don’t always reference it, but intriguing and anomalous findings are always worth sharing.

This year is one of those times.

Global wealth, in both dollar totals, and percentage gains, each hit all-time highs. The actual data had some very interesting highlights, including some ginormous numbers:

-Global Wealth: $463.6 trillion (end of 2021)
-Increase versus 2020: +9.8%
-Annual average gains: +6.6% (Avg 2001-2021)
-Aggregate global wealth: +12.7% (Fastest annual rate ever).
-Wealth per adult: $87,489
-Real (inflation-adjusted) Wealth: +8.2%.

Gains by country
1. United States
2. China
3. Canada
4. India
5. Australia

Total Wealth per capita
1. Switzerland ($696,600)
2. United States
3. Hong Kong
4. Australia,
5. Belgium

In the United States, African

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