The day after President Putin’s partial mobilization order – wherein at least 300,000 Russian reservists have been called up – was met Thursday with some scenes of enthusiasm in Moscow, but also many instances of frustration and confusion in various parts of the country.

“Summons delivered to eligible men at midnight. Schoolteachers pressed into handing out draft notices. Men given an hour to pack their things and appear at draft centers,” The Guardian observed. “Women sobbing as they sent their husbands and sons off to fight in Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

First clips coming out of Russia this morning of draftees saying bye to their families. This from a small town in Yakutsk. Credits @taygainfo

— Pjotr Sauer (@PjotrSauer) September 22, 2022

Putin’s speech had cited a “threat to the territorial integrity” of Russia, but in some places sparked immediate protest by local anti-war voices who complain that the country’s young men will

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