Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology Group has begun distributing 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to newly recruited workers to leave the world’s largest iPhone factory in central China to quell the unrest, reported Bloomberg

Late Wednesday, Foxconn proposed the payout plan to new hires, pleading with workers to return to their dormitories after days of chaos erupted at the factory in Zhengzhou. By Thursday morning, the move appeared to work as clashes with security guards seemed to have diminished. 

A message obtained by CNN and Financial Times advised workers to “please return to your dormitories,” and in return, they would receive 8,000 yuan if they agreed to leave Foxconn. Then another 2,000 yuan would be distributed to workers once they boarded the busses home. 

Bloomberg noted one of the significant factors behind the unrest, which began on Tuesday, was that newly recruited workers were highly disappointed with false promises about higher wages. Then Foxconn ‘apologized’ for a “computer glitch” Thursday that

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