Burglars in Bavaria have stolen ‘several million euros’ worth of gold from a Celtic Roman Museum in Manching near Ingolstadt, Die Welt reports.

The treasure, which is over two thousand years old, consisted of 483 coins which were discovered near Manching in 1999.

The heist took just nine minutes.

At 1:26 a.m., an outside door was pried open, said the Vice President of the State Criminal Police Office, Guido Limmer, on Wednesday in Manching near Ingolstadt. The thieves then stole the coins from two showcases and left the museum at 1.35 a.m. – after only nine minutes. -Die Welt (translated)

“The loss of the Celtic treasure is a disaster,” said Bavaria’s minister of science and arts, Markus Blume. “As a testament to our history, the gold coins are irreplaceable.”

The identity of the perpetrators is unknown, while investigators are

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