1. Annie Ernaux, The Years.  The most famous book by the most recent Nobel Laureate in literature, and a good and stimulating read.  It takes about twenty pages before you figure out what is going on, so stick with it.  Nabeel was ahead of the curve with this one.

2. Maria Edgeworth, Ormond.  An Irish novel from the early 19th century, it wonderfully portrays the contrast between the Anglo-Irish and “Irish” worlds of the time.  Not a perfect read by any means, but some parts are really quite interesting.  With good enough googling you can find the Penguin edition on Amazon, but I don’t feel like doing it again.

3. Katy Hessel, The Story of Art: Without Men.  A good revisionist account, and with nice photographic images.  Still, the treatment is oddly conservative in some regards.  Why not much more coverage of textiles and pottery, two areas with a highly

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