This week, we speak with Luis Berruga, the chief executive officer at Global X ETFs. Before joining Global X, which has $42 billion in assets under management, Berruga was an investment banker at Jefferies.

We discuss some of his favorite themes and ETF tickers. Berruga explains how the firm’s deep research bench allows them to test new ideas and their investment strategies for investment performance, liquidity, and conviction.

We also discuss some of their more popular themes and their tickers:

Founder-Run Companies BOSS
Interest Rate Hedge RATE
Variable Rate Preferred PFFV
Nasdaq 100 Covered Call QYLD
Cybersecurity BUG
Lithium & Battery Tech LIT
Wind Energy WNDY
Clean Water AQWA

To clarify the audio — which was edited for brevity — when I mention I really like a specific Global X ETF on the show, I was referring to their themes and/or wacky ticker symbols; these are not “Buy” or “Sell” recommendations. (Disclosure: RWM does not own

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