documents a decline in sex, friends and trust. Here’s a few points I found of interest. I had come to think about church membership in America as pretty much fixed around 70%. That was true for decades but not recently:

Here’s another trend, the extension of adoloscence. More and more we are treating young adults like children and in many respects they are more like children of earlier years.

There have been many psychological profiles of “late adulthood,” common among those born from the 1990s onward. Many of the milestones — getting a driver’s license, moving out, dating, starting work, and so on — have been delayed for many young adults.

The trend became obvious starting in the 2010s. In 2019, it was compiled in a comprehensive study titled The Decline in Adult Activities Among U.S. Adolescents, 1976-2016.

See Cebalo for more.

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