Conor here: John Helmer details another German general trying to hit the brakes on Berlin’s support for Ukraine before the train goes completely off the tracks.

Unfortunately, retired Major General Harald Kujat’s claims have been ignored in the US and in Germany. That Kujat says the US media have been less deceptive in their reporting of the war than the German press really gives you an idea of how bad the censorship is there.

Wolfgang Streeck wrote recently in New Left Review about how stifling the environment has become:

In other respects as well, the corridor of the sayable is rapidly, and frighteningly, narrowing. As with the destruction of the pipelines, the strongest taboos relate to the role of the United States, both in the history of the conflict and in the present. In admissible public speech, the Ukrainian war – which is expected to be termed ‘Putin’s war of

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