90-year-old tortoise becomes father of three BBC

Loneliness and the Trinity of Creativity: Ada Lovelace, the Poles of the Mind, and the Source of Her Imaginative Powers The Marginalian (Chuck L)

Posed Riddles Drift Magazine (Anthony l)


What Worked Against Covid: Masks, Closures and Vaccines Wall Street Journal (Dr. Kevin)

7.6% DEATH RATE for hospital acquired COVID infection in Victoria. Increasing numbers of hospital acquired COVID infections through 2022.

But sure, remove all mitigations in hospital, because that makes total sense. https://t.co/Z7oNInSlGM

— Dr David Berger, aBsuRdiSTe cROnickLeR (@YouAreLobbyLud) March 16, 2023

How a nasal vaccine could reduce the risk of COVID infections — and new variants Marketwatch (ma)

XBB.1.16 has a 140% growth advantage over XBB.1.5 (103.21%-177.41%)

It is far more aggressive than XBB.1.5. And probably faster than XBB.1.9 2/

— Vipin M. Vashishtha (@vipintukur) March 17, 2023


Minnesota Nuclear Power Plant Leaks 400,000

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