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When you adopt a desert tortoise, prepare for a surprisingly social and zippy pet AP

Borealis Mud Volcano – Unique new volcano discovered in the Barents Sea The Watchers

Private-Equity Fundraising Blues Weigh Heavily on Newer Managers WSJ

Downtown LA’s Office Distress Shows the Pain Coming for Cities Bloomberg. Why, it’s almost as if, official propaganda notwithstanding, people are voting with their feet against 3Cs spaces, like offices (with elevators).

Foul Mood? Barry Ritholz, The Big Picture

Tina Turner, ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ whose triumphant career made her world-famous, dies at 83 AP


Ozone Treaty Delayed Arctic Melting by 15 Years Scientific American

What Is Permitting Reform? Here’s a Cheat Sheet.

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