Yves here. The IPCC’s ideological prejudices have led to an unduly relaxed view of the speed of ice melt and rises in ocean levels. An arguably more realistic view includes “fast feedback” factors which point to rapid increases, which in turn will be highly disruptive, particularly in Asia.

By Thomas Neuburger. Originally published at God’s Spies

North America after 200 feet of sea level rise (see National Geographic Interactive map for more; archive version here)

For those who follow climate news, James Hansen is working on a paper, called “Global warming in the pipeline,” that examines long-term effects of human-caused climate change, slow feedbacks that when they are triggered, cause sudden change.

Ice-free earth is one of them, since when that occurs, all the white that reflects solar energy back to space will be gone, all of it being converted into heat, not just some of it. Another

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