Iran on Thursday showcased a new long-range ballistic missile at a moment tensions with Israel are at their highest in years. A Jerusalem Post headline on the same day reads, “Mounting tensions between Israel, Iran herald possible military showdown”.

Iran’s military touted that the Khoramshahr-4 missile can strike targets up to 2,000 kilometers, or 1,240 miles, away. It’s also said to be capable of carrying a 1,500-kilogram (or 3,300-pound), warhead. This would make it the heaviest warhead among all of Iran’s ballistic missiles. The military also released undated footage of what they said was a successful test launch of the new missile.

 Khoramshahr-4 missile test launch, Iranian Defense Ministry via AP.

“Our message to Iran’s enemies is that we will defend the country and its achievements. Our message to our friends is that we want to help regional stability,” Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad

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