The Ron DeSantis 2024 presidential campaign got off to a terrible start on Wednesday night, as Twitter glitched under the weight of traffic (though admittedly once Musk transitioned the hosting role from his 140mm follower account to David Sacks’s account, the discussion was flawless and fascinating.)

Slated to start at 6pm ET, what promised to be an edgy, modern launch — using Twitter’s interactive, live-audio “Spaces” feature – quickly turned into a painstaking embarrassment for both DeSantis and his host, Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Hundreds of thousands of people stared at this while DeSantis’s launch was delayed for 30 minutes

Over a half-hour span, users were booted off the chat and others had to endure feedback noise and hot-mic whispering until the event finally got underway around 6:30, when DeSantis declared, “I am running for president of the United States

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